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Holidays in red

Min Order Amount: ¥540
All listed price are in JPY,all tax included.
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Limited Edition : A cool Egypt lady bob style.Three- toned color with black color base.All the hair falling straight down with no layers.
¥5060(Tax included)
Limited Edition : Long straight hairstyle with rainbow colour blend into white base.Diagonal bangs have been pinned at the side beautifully.
¥5060(Tax included)
Limited Edition : It is a simple half up long straight hairstyle.The focal point is the bundle of hairs that in highlighed pink color to show your sense literally.
¥5060(Tax included)
A cool and sexy meidum straight hairstyle with long bangs that sweeping over the side to the back .The mid-length layered hairs going outward at the back and allowing the length to fall down to complete this solid shape.
¥3410(Tax included)
Long wavy locks tied into a twin pony tails to add volume and texture to the over-all style.It is a glamorous style that suitable for any costume.
¥3410(Tax included)
This is a solid style in aesthetically pleasing shape.The braid buns at the back look like two flowers to form this creative design.
¥5060(Tax included)
This is a very feminine style. It tied the locks to the sides and you can see the wavy design obviously.The sweeping bangs also go with this look perfectly.
¥3410(Tax included)
Blunt thick bangs  medium bob style.The bangs has been cut at the eyes level to catapulted the  face shape beautifully.
¥3410(Tax included)
This bob style sit at the jaw-line showing off solid length with no layers.The bangs frame the top of the face adding a little softness to the over-all style.
¥3410(Tax included)
Limited Edition : It is a two-toned long wavy style in white and green.Natural wave go with any costume and looks glamorous in any where.
¥5060(Tax included)
This amazing long straight hair with a Big chingnon putting at the top which is the simplest and most sight pampering design.
¥3960(Tax included)
Pretty fairy long straight style with braid buns at the top .The subtle layers cut at the ends for a weightless finish.
¥3960(Tax included)
Limited Edition : It is a classic short bob style with two-toned color.Baby pink with splendid gold highlighed color to catapulte the color sences of yours.
¥5060(Tax included)
Special : The small curl is the focal point of this style.The curls started from the root and the blunt straight fringe blend in with the over-all style perfectly.
¥4510(Tax included)
This dainty look is styled up and  there are two creative buns at the back to form this solid upstyle and allowing the length to flow freely under the buns.
¥3410(Tax included)
Simple and popular pony tails with ribbon hairstyle.It has large curls at the ends to soften the style and complete it beautifully.
¥3960(Tax included)
Simple and smooth meidum straight hairstyle.The roundness ends is the main aim of this style.
¥3410(Tax included)
Causal straight short style with jogged cut into the bangs to soften the face shape and lighten the over-all style to give the good impression.
¥3410(Tax included)
It is a weightless simple short hairstyle.The jagged cut at the back added a soften feel and complete the look smartly.
¥3410(Tax included)
Splendid Evil style with long wavy hairs .Smooth and slick bangs with two blunt hairs sit wispy for an edgy finish like the horn on the head.
¥3410(Tax included)